“We are people living together in neighborhoods designed for community interaction and personal privacy.”

Strawberry Fields Farm is an intentional community in the forming stages. We intend to create a family-friendly, multi-generational, rural collaborative homestead in CT or MA on land that we purchase together in 2024 or 2025.

Our primary purpose is to provide holistic housing arrangements for people, forming a quasi-extended family, to bring about a creative-healing environment for shareholding members, tenants, and guests alike. We will offer community living to those who are capable and deserve it the most, creating a retreat-like atmosphere using agriculture, the arts, music, meditation, and education.

We will grow some of our own food, stay engaged with the rest of the world, and provide benefits to the local community to the extent our facilities allow. We will train our group in creating and maintaining a low-stress, low-conflict, therapeutic approach and practice living in peaceful coexistence and cooperation that rises above and goes beyond regular neighborly interactions.

We will restore, use, manage, and expand our properties. Established members will serve as mentors for newcomers and ease them into the foundational and daily aspects of a working community. We feel that this will help our members find belonging in much the same way as people did in old-time villages.

We recognize that a successful life in a cooperative community is dependent upon building healthy capacities for compromise. Utilizing a non-utopian approach and focusing on practical arrangements rather than ideology will improve our chances of long-term success.