“Whatever community is, we can never define it exhaustively, so we spend a lifetime perfecting the idea.”

Tom has been passionate about creating an intentional community for most of his life after discovering the idea in his native Hungary before moving to the USA. As the spiritual founder of Strawberry Fields Farm, he gained valuable insights while visiting quite a few intentional communities on two continents. He spent equal amounts of time in Europe and America, thus knows both cultures intimately from first-hand experience.

Rob has always gravitated toward groups and helping others when needed. With years of retail management experience combined with managing his Internet marketing business for the last twenty years, Rob brings structure to the community, and Tom brings the creative aspect.

Tom is also a database expert, writer-filmmaker, film community activist, event organizer, ex-teacher, and holds a Master’s Degree in music. In the US, he worked as a book clerk, elementary school teacher, music instructor, computer consultant, actor, director, and producer of a documentary. He founded and managed the Film Synergy Group, a collective of over 300 film professionals in New York City. Currently, he manages the New York Film and Video Production group on LinkedIn.

For the past twenty years, Tom has been renting and managing houses and filling them with roommates. Strawberry Fields Farm extends the practice by elevating the selection and organization of the people involved to the level of intentional cooperation.

Rob grew up in a large family and also spent a lot of time at his grandparents’ community, Lawrence Welk Resort Village in Escondido, CA. That’s where he learned firsthand about the benefits of people working together.

During his teenage years, Rob achieved the rank of Life Scout in his Boy Scout troop, where he developed an appreciation for the outdoors, nature, and conservation. This passion has remained with him throughout his life, shaping his values and interests.

Since 2016, Rob has been volunteering with the non-profit Planned Acts of Kindness. This involvement reflects Rob’s commitment to promoting kindness and making a positive impact on both fellow humans and the environment.